Salesforce Native Apps

CV Timer

Go to Product App Description Install and Configure of CV TImer Add CV Timer to Home Page Add CV Timer Utility Bar to Lightning App Additional Customization Use CV Timer FAQ Keep Track of time spent with CV Timer Did you lose track of your time while working on any opportunity? Do you want to …

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Suggestions Box

Go to Product App Description Install and Configure Sugesstions Box How to Use Suggestions Box FAQ Help Company Grow By Empowered Employees Suggestions This app empowers your employees to give needful suggestions related to their work and needs if they feel like, they can share it helping in the overall growth of the organization to …

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CV Timelogger

Go to Product App Description Install and Configure CV TimeLogger Use CV TimeLogger Setup and Use CV TimeLogger on Mobile Get Better Insight with Reports and Dashboards Additional Customization FAQ How can I assign time-bound tasks to my team? How to track the time spent by my team on their tasks? How to make sure …

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CV Twitter Feed

Wonder what your Accounts, prospects and contacts are tweeting about?

You want to keep yourself updated about Tweets of your contacts,prospects or account you are dealing with?

You find it tideous to open twitter in a separate Tab and search for each profile?

CV App Store is here to solve all your questions with the new CV Twitter Feed app. It is easy to configure and designed natively on salesforce. You can get twitter feeds of your Contacts,Leads and Accounts on the Salesforce page without switching tabs and you don’t need to go anywhere for that.

Just enter twitter handle on the page and you are good to go. Sounds easy isn’t it?

CV Product Search

Now, with CV Product Search your sales rep can easily search and add multiple products to the opportunity. This app is designed natively on a salesforce platform and compatible with standard opportunity and product objects.

Lightning interface gives you limited field options to search products and add to the opportunity but with CV product search there is no limitation on the field you search your product. You can refine your search result by using multiple field filters in a single search keeping all the other standard salesforce functionality as it is.